We have 4 active Sunday School Groups - Sparklers, All Stars, Trailblazers and Lazers

Sparklers, All Stars, Trailblazers and Lasers are our active Sunday school groups who join us at the beginning of each service and then break off to follow their own syllabus. Sunday school teachers provide this lively bunch of Sparklers and Trailblazers with engaging lessons currently based on the “E100 Big Bible Challenge” and the Laser group follow material created by their teachers as well as using “Roots”. The images below show some examples of creative thinking and design from the Sunday School groups.

Please come along any Sunday morning or contact our Sunday School Coordinator.

Trail Blazers Vacancy Draft

Some ideas about St Leonard's ministerial vacancy from the Trail Blazer group. This is not the approved advert but it is full of great open ideas and thinking :)

sunday school registration form

sunday school behaviour policy

The Lazer's Christmas Card for 2013