Morning worship


As a community of faith, we try to help each other live out our worship in all sorts of ways in our everyday lives. But of course, one of the key points in our week that enables this is when we gather to worship God together on a Sunday morning at 10.15.

This is often the easiest time for people to join us – and you will be made very welcome – but sometimes it can help to know a bit about what you’re walking into…so here are some practical details!

You can come in either via the old main door at the corner of Brucefield Avenue, or one of the ‘back doors’ – there’s a big door in through the halls complex from the car park on Woodmill Street, and this is often the easiest for those with mobility issues.

You can sit anywhere you like within the Sanctuary, and there is a special wee corner area with soft toys for those coming with infants and toddlers – and we really don’t mind if toddlers want to stretch their legs and show off their toddling skills in other parts of the Sanctuary.

Other things it might help you to know –

  • we don’t believe worship is a performance – we try our best, but our favourite word is ‘sorry’!

  • we come as we are before God – whether the week has been happy or sad, good or bad

  • we stand to sing – but don’t feel you have to

  • the service finishes between 11.15-11.30, and we always have tea and coffee in the hall afterwards

  • children who are visiting are welcome to join our regular children for Sunday School or stay with their parents throughout.


There are sometimes other services of worship organised – most notably and regularly from Easter to the clocks changing when we also meet at 8.30am on a Sunday for Quiet Worship. This is a 30 minute service where leadership is shared, using a form borrowed from the Iona Community.

If you would like to know more about worship ahead of dropping in, please feel free to contact one of the ministers.

Sunday school


Children are an active part of our worshipping and learning community. From their involvement in ringing the bell and the opening of our liturgy, to their time in the various Sunday School age groups, our children are encouraged to understand and grow in their faith. There is a special creche area within the Sanctuary for parents with infants and toddlers to be able to remain in the worship service. We regularly stay all together for inter-generational worship and learning - especially around the major festivals.